Yakima Police Unit Designation Code


"Adam" - Day shift unit
"Baker" - Late day shift unit
"Charlie" - Swing shift unit
"David" - Grave shift unit

The shift designator is
followed by the assigned
beat number (i.e. "David"-5 
is a graveyard unit assigned
to beat # 5)

"X-ray" - Reserve
"George" - Gang Unit
"K 9" - Canine Unit
"Tom"-Traffic Enforcement Unit
"Mary" - Motorcycles Units
"Ocean" - Special Assignment Units
                 to the Transit Center

"Sam" - Sergeant
"Lincoln"- Lieutenant

"SR or SRO"- School Resource Officer

 Yakima Police Beat Map

Other Department Units:

"Ida" - Investigator
"John" - Jail
"Victor" - Administrative

Clearing Codes

A-Adam=Assisted or Advised
G-George=Gone on Arrival

400 Units
"City of Union Gap"

500 Units
"City of Selah"

Code 4 = everything is under control, slow down
Code 7= lunch break

Thanks to YPD Patrol Division and Dispatchers
for the information.

Fire Response Codes :
Code-1 = Non-emergency, no red lights and siren, can be dispatched to other priority calls.
Code 2 = Non-emergency, no red lights and siren, will not be diverted to another call.
Code 3 = Responding with, red lights and siren,

Yakima Sheriff Office:
10-4 = Things are going as planned
10-6 = At a location (10-6 outback of the office)
10-7 = Arriving at a location
10-23 = On scene
10-24 = Clear the scene
10-35 = How much contract time is needed.
10-41 = In service.
10-42 = Out of service.
10-43 = Civilian rider in the car.
10-63 = Attention from dispatcher: drivers check, request for county roads.... Stop sign down

CNA = Call Not Active
INA = Unit assigned to call inactive

Washington State Patrol:
#3 = En route to or at the main Union Gap patrol office
Possible = The victim may be deceased.
Radio acknowledgement by the dispatcher is first unit number followed by the time.

Medical Codes :
Code 99 = not breathing, CPR in progress
Code 10 = not breathing, or call for a coroner
Code 5 = deceased
Code 40 = D.O.A

RP = Reporting Party
RO = Registered Owner (vehicle)
CRO = Current Registered Owner
ATL = Attempt to locate
UTL = Unable to locate
DRE = Drug Recognition Expert
NAT = No Action Taken
NIR = No Incident Report

The codes are unique to each agency.